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Whatever Weather Would I Have If I Could Rule the Weather?

Tasha Paley Children's Book
Tasha Paley Children’s Book

Whatever Weather Would I Have If I Could Rule the Weather?” by Tasha Paley is for children around eight years old.

This book came out of Tasha’s love of every season and the surprises that every change of weather brings. Here she invites us to consider “Whatever weather would I choose if I could rule the weather?” and guides us into realizing that the elements of change and surprise hold a magic that should not be forsaken.


Bridges by Tasha PaleyIn this “Bridges” picture book Tasha Paley introduces children to the concept that a bridge can connect any two things, whether real or imagined. It can even connect people to one another as they share feelings. In her usual whimsical way, she
explores many different
kinds of bridges and
encourages children to use
their imagination and artisitic abilities to create bridges never before conceived of

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